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There were rumors the steep, jungle-covered mountains of Colombia were hiding some of the world’s finest coffee beans. We, an international team of coffee lovers, arrived in Medellín in search of this caffeinated treasure, and we set off on an adventure to find it. We traveled the country by plane, car, jeep, foot, and sometimes by mule. We built relationships with farmers who were growing exceptional beans almost in secret, having no way to sell their product to a wider, coffee-craving audience. We heard inspiring stories of Colombia’s renewal, and felt we could contribute by investing not just in coffee, but in the people behind it.


So we embarked on our most exciting adventure yet: The Coffee Quest.

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When we decided to start The Coffee Quest, we wanted to not only share Colombia’s incredible coffee with the world, but also support Colombia’s amazing people. So we came up with The Perfect Cup,  a 5- PART philosophy that guides how we do business and ensures we are always delivering on our commitment to the country that has inspired us so much.

coffee bean4 1. FIND THE BEST BEANS

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The only thing we enjoy more than drinking an excellent cup of coffee is finding excellent beans. Since starting The Coffee Quest we’ve gone on one adventure after another seeking them out, and over time have developed relationships directly with the farmers themselves, giving us exclusive access to some of the best beans. We receive samples daily, and our extensive testing method ensures only the highest-quality, freshest beans are processed, roasted, and sold. Plus we’re constantly caffeinated!


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The best beans are only as good as how they are roasted, and we obsess over coaxing the very best flavor and aroma out of each and every one. Did you know large roasters use industrial burners for a few minutes at a very high temperature, often leaving beans burnt and inconsistent? Here at The Coffee Quest, we slow roast our beans every week in a traditional burner for 9 – 12 minutes. We’ll never stop hunting for the best beans, and we’ll never send you anything but the best roasts.

coffee bean 1 24px 3. BE TRACEABLE AND SUSTAINABLE

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We are not the only company selling Colombian coffee, but we are the only coffee company with our entire supply chain located in the country. Our coffee only comes from farmers we know personally, and on any given day we are in a car (or on a mule!) visiting them. The beans are milled, roasted, and packaged locally too, which creates jobs and opportunities. This also reduces our environmental footprint and supports the health of the planet, a passion shared by the farmers we do business with. We want great Colombian coffee to be enjoyed by not just this generation, but generations to come.

coffee bean 1 24px 4. Pay more than a living wage,

pay a fair wage

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With our direct selling model we are able to reduce our operating costs and pay a premium price to farmers. This way our suppliers can provide for their families, invest in their future, and grow their business, ensuring you’ll receive the best Colombian coffee for years to come. It might not be the most profitable adventure, but it is the most fulfilling one.

5. make a positive Impact

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Colombia has experienced significant economic progress in recent years, but this beautiful country still has areas of inequality and poverty. So this is why we contribute 10% of our profits to social projects in Colombia. These funds support organizations like Fundación Caminos, a foundation that helps orphaned and street children. Thank you for supporting our efforts to help improve the lives of Colombia’s people.

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Our signature blend comes from high slopes lining the Cauca River Valley, where 71 farmers have united to form Grupo Café Exótico de Altura and produce what we coffee explorers call a caffeinated treasure. The Highland Blend reflects the award-winning talents of our producers, who have standardized their growing and harvesting process to ensure an impressively consistent and incredibly smooth blend.


You’ll be captivated by the light, citric, and subtly sweet aroma, and you’ll find yourself instantly transported to the lush mountains of Colombia with each bright, brilliant sip. This versatile bean works great as a filter coffee, and can also be used with an espresso machine.


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Interested in carrying Colombia’s best coffee in your café, restaurant, or store? We’d love to hear from you. Send us an email at You can also reach Ronald de Hommel, Founder of the Coffee Quest, at +57 310 5374272.


We speak English, Dutch, German, Spanish . . . And coffee.